Companies and individuals can find themselves facing serious financial problems. Our Lawyers advise individuals and company directors on company liquidation and bankruptcy matters and on how to obtain payment of outstanding debts and the remedies legally available. We also advise on available defences and strategic planning to allow more time to pay or to save bankruptcy or company liquidation.

If need be, our lawyers can assist you with bankruptcy or liquidation including assisting creditors  in dealing with liquidators, attending creditor’s meetings on behalf of creditors, advising and assisting with replacement of liquidators to ensure the new liquidator has perceived independence.

  • Agreements with Creditors
  • Bankruptcy
  • Claiming Outstanding Debts from Debtor or Company in Liquidation
  • Corporate Strategic Planning
  • Defending Applications
  • Liquidation / Winding Up
  • Personal Strategic Planning
  • Statutory Demands
  • Voluntary Administration / Liquidation

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