In court matters and dispute resolution we take a commercial approach to resolving disputes which could end up in court by using alternative dispute resolution techniques including mediation where possible.

If it becomes impossible to resolve a dispute then we take a vigorous approach to prosecuting or defending any matter. Our lawyers are very experienced in court matters and have obtained outstanding results in cases against law firms with reputations for aggressive litigation. Our clients have been very satisfied with the sound, strategic advice given to them. We have seen cases with good prospects of success ruined by bad strategy. Case strategy is paramount to success in litigation. Our lawyers fully assess your case at the outset to determine its strengths and weaknesses. We implement sound case strategy to overcome any weaknesses. Our litigation team lays claim to outstanding results even in what were seemingly unwinnable cases.

  • Civil and criminal matters
  • District Court
  • Family Court
  • Federal Circuit Court
  • Federal Court
  • Guardianship Tribunal
  • Land and Environment Court
  • Local Court
  • Mediation
  • New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)
  • Supreme Court

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