Elder Law encompasses all of the legal services appropriate to elderly individuals at that stage of life. It includes residency and care as well as assistance with the management of personal finances, including estate planning and making a will. At Antunes Lawyers in Sydney, we provide caring, compassionate and easily understood legal services to the elderly to help you make your own arrangements about your future care and the management of your finances, making a will and estate planning.

If anyone is concerned that an elderly person is being personally neglected or financially abused or mistreated, our elder law professionals can review the situation and take steps to rectify the situation. No elderly person should have to live in an unsupportive or abusive environment, nor should relatives of the elderly have to bear any uncertainty about the level of care their loved one is receiving.

The Aged Care Principles 1997 provide that people seeking aged care have choice andĀ freedom and should not be pressured into a situation they do not want to be in. However, accommodation agreements and Centrelink correspondence often lack clarity and have provisions which contradict the Aged Care Principles. To make sure your loved one is receiving the care they deserve, our wills and estate lawyers in Sydney can negotiate the removal of provisions which contradict the law and cause undue stress to the elderly.
Let us help with:

  • Advanced Care Directives
  • Enduring Guardianships
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Retirement Homes and Villages
  • Aged Care Accommodation
  • Review of or Removal of Guardians or Attorneys
  • Superannuation
  • Estate Planning
  • Making a Will

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