It is prudent that a lender obtain security from a borrower (or a third party) under a loan arrangement. If you are a lender, you need to make sure that the security that you receive under your loan arrangement is well documented and enforceable against a borrower or third party security provider.

If you are a lender, we are able to advise you in relation to the type of security you should be obtaining in your lending business and advice you on the validity of any security you have obtained under existing lending arrangements.

If you are a borrower, providing security for the performance of your obligations under a loan arrangement can have significant consequences if you default (including technical defaults) under your loan agreement. We will advise you on and negotiate your position under any secured lending arrangement.

Our security services extend to:

  • If you are a lender or a borrower, reviewing, drafting, negotiating and advising on General Security Agreements and the Personal Property Securities Act;
  • If you are a lender:
    • The management of your security interest registration process with the Personal Property Securities Register;
    • The management of your mortgage documentation process, including issuing mortgage documentation and registering your mortgages;
    • Inter-creditor deeds;
    • Enforcement of PPSA security interests or mortgages;

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