In many cases your superannuation is one of your biggest assets. Most people leave the management of their superannuation in the hands of a third party.

However, if you have a substantial amount in your current super and you desire greater control over your superannuation you may want to set up a Self-Managed Super Fund (“SMSF”).

A SMSF offers you several benefits that other superannuation environments may not provide. These include greater choice and control over your investments and the ability to streamline your families’ superannuation. Setting up a SMSF is an important process so it is imperative you receive quality financial and legal advice to understand the steps involved and how to manage your SMSF.

There are many SMSF Trust Deeds that are available on the internet, these “off the shelf” deeds contain provisions which are not desirous and can lead to adverse consequences.

Our SMSF Trust Deeds comply with the legislative requirements but also fit with your wishes and fit with your estate planning to ensure your estate is fully dealt with and your assets protected. Our SMSF Trust Deeds are simple and short and written in plain English and rarely need to be updated as they incorporate current legislation and future changes.

When it comes to setting up your SMSF we can assist you with:

  1. Advising on trustee requirements for your SMSF;
  2. Advising on the appropriate structure for a SMSF trustee and incorporating the trustee;
  3. Drafting specific provision for the constitution of the corporate trustee to ensure appropriate control and succession;
  4. Establishing the SMSF trust deed;
  5. Compliance;
  6. Reviews;
  7. Making a Binding Death Benefit Nomination;
  8. Providing advice to executors, beneficiaries and dependants on making claims when a member dies;
  9. Change of trustees;
  10. Providing advice to trustees paying benefits; and
  11. Amendments to Your Current Trust Deed.

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