In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes – which is why it is important to have a great tax lawyer in your corner.

Our team of tax lawyers can assist you in better understanding your legal position when it comes to a range of taxes, whether it be capital gains tax, payroll tax, land tax, goods and services tax, income tax, duties and international tax.

We also advise on taxation consequences which arise from structuring or restructuring your business, investments and personal affairs and can assist you in structuring or restructuring your business, investments and personal affairs as required.

We commonly deal with tax matters concerning:

Capital Gains Tax: If you dispose of a capital asset which makes a capital gain, it is added to your assessable income and could significantly increase the tax you pay.  We can help you understand the CGT consequences which affect you or your business and ensure that you take advantage of the exemptions, discounts and concessions available to you.

Goods and Services Tax: GST is a tax on consumption and is imposed on most goods, services and other items sold or consumed in Australia.  We advise on whether you are required to be registered for GST, your obligations under GST legislation and how the GST exemptions and special rules impact you and your business.

Land Tax: If you own property, you may be required to pay land tax. We can advise on whether you are required to be registered for land tax and assist you in understanding your land tax obligations, the exemptions available to you and the consequences of owning land through a company or trust.

Transfer Duty (Stamp Duty): We can advise you in respect to your transfer duty (stamp duty) obligations when it comes to transactions which are private or commercial in nature and assist in determining whether you are required to pay transfer duty as well as exemptions and concessions available to you.

Payroll Tax: If you are running a business, you may also have payroll tax obligations relating to wages paid to your employees. We are able to clearly set out your payroll tax obligations and help you understand the payments which are liable for payroll tax, advise you on registration requirements when it comes to payroll tax and determine whether certain wages paid to your employees are exempt from payroll tax.

We specialise in providing tailor made tax advice which incorporates your personal circumstances, the options available to you and strategies to minimise your tax.

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