The one consistent feature of the tax landscape is that tax law and policy is always changing – yet ignorance of the law is not a defence.  As a taxpayer, you are expected to get legal advice on your tax affairs and comply with your taxation obligations.

We recognise that taxpayers often find themselves in situations of non-compliance due to the difficulties associates with staying on top of a changing tax landscape. You may have fallen behind in complying with your tax obligations, whether by failing to lodge your returns or not paying the correct amount of tax.

We are often approached by a number of taxpayers who do not realise that failure to lodge tax returns is a criminal offence and are unsure as to their options after receiving a letter from the ATO or a court attendance notice.

If you find yourself in this position, it is crucial that you contact our tax litigation team – who frequently represent clients which are being prosecuted by the ATO in courts and tribunals.

We defend your interests and prevent the ATO from interpreting tax laws to your disadvantage by:

  • representing you in court or in a disputes with a tax authority;
  • negotiating with tax authorities to minimise your expose to fines and penalties;
  • conducting settlement negotiations with tax authorities;
  • obtaining private binding rulings based on the facts and circumstances surrounding your case; and
  • appealing court and tribunal decisions.

Our focus is on providing you with a bespoke commercial resolution to your matter in the most cost effective and timely manner and often obtain a no conviction for our clients or substantially reduce any fine or penalty which the ATO and Courts can impose.

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