Family Law can affect 3 generations of a family

Often the Family Court of Australia (or Federal Circuit Court Family Law Division) will deal with issues that affect more than one generation of a family in a family law property dispute. In a recent case in the Family Court 3 generations of one family were affected in a family law property dispute. In the case of Davalos & Davalos, the Family Court was determining a family law property dispute where the husband and wife were married for approximately 52 years and have raised four adult children. The wife’s father had provided accommodation for the married couple and had also provided them with significant income. The Family Court determined that the Wife should receive 55% of the matrimonial pool and the husband should receive 45%. The Husband was aged 80 and the Wife 79 years when the Family Court determined their family law property case. The wife had given to the children approximately $800,000 without the Husband’s consent.

There are many factors taken into account when the Family Court determines a family law property case with the Family Court having to consider factors set out in sections 75 (2) and 79(4) of the Family Law Act. The Court must only make orders if it is just and equitable.

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