Your right to free speech and freedom of expression deserves defending, so too does the truth and your reputation. Defamation is a delicate legal balancing act that we’d love to help you with.

Whether you’re defending your right to free speech, or your character in a defamation matter, Antunes has specialist expertise to ensure the best possible outcome. 

The legal definition of defamation in Australia refers to publicly published material that is false or partially truthful and has damaged a person’s reputation, or led them to be ridiculed, insulted or despised by the general public – in which case there may be grounds to file for defamation.

Whatever side of a defamation case you find yourself on, you need specialist legal expert by your side – a lawyer who fully understands defamation legislation and is highly skilled in the delicate balancing act between protecting free speech and defending reputation.

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The right lawyers for defamation in a digital age

One thing to be very careful about when choosing your representation in a defamation matter, is that your lawyers understand defamation in the digital age. Defamation is no longer confined to traditional mainstream publishing and broadcasting – it’s in every corner of the online world.

To say that the internet and social media have complicated defamation cases and legal precedents is an understatement, and the legislation is constantly changing and evolving as the law struggles to keep up with technology. As your defamation specialist, Antunes is always on the ball.

Just because someone doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s defamation

Some uncomfortable things may have been said and reputations may have been hurt, but there are some very acceptable reasons for doing so in the eyes of defamation law.

  • Opinion. If it’s simply an honest opinion, you’re entitled to it.
  • Triviality. If it’s clearly a trivial matter, the law overlooks it.
  • Truth. If what’s been said is true, there’s no defamation.
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