Employee share schemes provide employees an opportunity to buy shares in the company they work for. Like any investment there is always the potential for significant financial reward, however, it’s important to know the details before you agree and give up your hard-earned money.

An Employee Share Scheme might seem like a great idea on paper, but before you sign up, make sure to talk an expert who understands the fine print. Antunes Lawyers can review share schemes and make sure the conditions protect your best interests.

Before you agree to a share scheme, there are a few things you need to find out:

  • What happens if you resign or are terminated?
  • Can you sell or access those shares?
  • How can the shares be sold?
  • What happens if the owners of the business change?
  • What happens if the business is sold?

Our lawyers have seen numerous share scheme structures and can provide advice on whether the scheme is a good deal for you.  We can also advise employers on how to offer share schemes that are flexible for employees and also protect the business interests to mitigate risks.

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When issues occur in the workplace, a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer can make all the difference.  

Your workplace can often become a second home, and feeling safe, appreciated, and respected in that environment can make all the difference in your daily quality of life. When issues in the workplace happen, things can quickly escalate and become difficult to manage on your own.

Our lawyers can lend their expertise and address workplace and employment-related issues before they become a bigger, and more expensive problem. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with all aspects of Employment and Workplace Relations. 

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