The best result you could wish for in any Family Law matter is successful negotiations and mediation without needing a Court decision, so Antunes Lawyers specialise in making it happen.

From sensitive parenting and custody mediations, to complex finance agreements and property negotiations, the legal guidance you choose makes all the difference.

As crucial as the Court can be in settling personal and parenting disputes, your lawyer should be constantly looking for opportunities to negotiate or mediate a situation between all parties outside of Court – be that at the beginning or any other stage of proceedings.

In addition to being quicker, cheaper, less inconvenient and less stressful, a successful negotiation or mediation can leave all parties concerned much happier with the outcome, because it’s empowering to be part of a solution that doesn’t involve being told what to do by the legal system.

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From matters of the heart to dividing assets, we can help in all negotiations & mediation.

Part of being an effective, supportive Family Law specialist is knowing when the lawyer should even be in the room, or whether the parties should be alone, or with independent mediators, or one of many other professional organisations designed to assist the negotiation or mediation process.

So in addition to decades of negotiating and mediating ‘in-the-room’ expertise, Antunes Lawyers has a huge network of first class professional experts and organisations to connect you with, which are dedicated to helping you reach a successful outcome before needing to go to Court.

If parenting meditation won’t work, you need to know this before going to Court.

The Family Law Act requires separated parties who have a dispute in relation to children to make a ‘genuine effort’ to resolve the dispute before filing a Court application (there are special exemptions for urgent cases that may involve family violence or child abuse).

This ‘genuine effort’ is certified by a Section 60i Certificate, which is issued by an accredited mediation agency should the mediation process fail. Please get in touch with us anytime to find out more about how we can help you in Court proceedings, or visit our child and parenting page.

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