Crypto currencies like Bitcoin are revolutionising the way in which individuals and businesses interact financially. If you’re going to get involved, get advice from an expert.

The ‘blockchain’ technology that powers crypto currencies like Bitcoin is still a mystery to many, but it’s a massive global industry with big money to be made – if you have the right legal help.  

If your business is considering getting involved with crypto currencies, either simply to facilitate financial transactions or you’re stepping into the blockchain industry as a service provider, it’s important to make sure you fully understand how it works and what risks are involved.

From ensuring you have the right structure for long term financial stability and that you tick all the boxes of your licencing obligations, to continually evaluating foreseeable future risks and litigation, the Antunes crypto specialists employ a holistic approach to look after you from every angle.

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Even though there’s a mass of serious global business activity around crypto currency and blockchain technology, it’s still very new, there are no historical lessons to learn from and no-one knows definitively what the future holds. So, best-practice business in crypto is all about being prepared.

At Antunes, we’ve been specialists in the ever-evolving crypto legislation since the early days. Start-ups and structures. Licencing obligations. Legal implementation and compliance. Contracts and agreements. Tax and risk analysis. Whatever you want to do with crypto, we can help.

Truly holistic crypto currency expertise, committed to protecting your future.

  • Start-up set-up: Top shelf expertise to help you enter the market
  • Smart restructuring: Advice on restructuring for financial stability
  • Licencing obligations: Making sure you tick all the right boxes
  • Legal implementation: Implementation of strong legal framework
  • Key contracts: Commercial contracts, shareholder agreements & JVs
  • Risk analysis: Sharp eyes on foreseeable legal risks & litigation
  • Tax compliance: Ensuring you meet every single ATO obligation
  • Law & policy changes: Tracking the ever-evolving laws around crypto
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