Redundancies: Understanding Your Options

As businesses attempt to navigate, survive and recover from the COVID-19 crisis, employers are forced to make a number of difficult decisions to ensure economic viability. For many, this may require…

Insolvency Sphere Post Covid-19

What Are The Changes To Insolvency Post Covid-19?

The coronavirus crisis has forged a new path in the insolvency space, with temporary arrangements becoming new legislative requirements now set in stone. This is what you need to know to stay afloat…

consent orders

What are Consent Orders and how can I apply for them?

Consent orders are filed with the Family Court and they provide certainty, security and protection to both parties in the most cost effective manner. Find out more about consent orders here.

freedom of opinion and defamation

The fine line between freedom of opinion and defamation

There is a fine line between voicing your opinions and defaming an individual or a company. Let's learn more about their difference in this article.

terminating an executive employee

Terminating an Executive Employee

Generally executive and c-suite employees are governed by iron-clad employment contracts. So what are the risks associated with terminating your executive staff? Let's find out more in this article.

Serving Documents in Family Law Matters

How to Serve Documents in Family Law Matters

Court documents in family law matters are required to be served on all other parties in a matter. Different types of court documents require different methods of service. Read more to know the…

Rent Review After COVID

Can Rental Rates Be Reviewed After The COVID-19 Prescribed Period?

The Retail and Other Commercial Leases (COVID-19) Regulation has lapsed on 28 March 2021 in line with the end of JobKeeper. If you were an impacted tenant, read more to know how this has changed…

divorce in Australia marriage overseas

How to get divorced in Australia if you were married overseas?

If you were married overseas you are still able to apply for a Divorce in Australia, provided certain conditions are met. The experienced specialist accredited family lawyers at Antunes can assist…

family unit trust

Do you own property in a fixed unit trust? Are you receiving the benefit of the land tax threshold?

If you own property in a fixed unit trust, you may not be receiving the benefit of the land tax threshold in circumstances where Revenue NSW have assessed the trust as a “special trust”. Find more…