date of legal separation

What is my ‘date of separation’?

The date of separation is the date that one, or both, of the parties to the marriage decided that the marriage was over and is often characterised by one party leaving the former matrimonial home.

Duty of Disclosure in Family Law

What is my Duty of Disclosure in Family Law?

We can help you understand your duty of disclosure or rights when it comes navigating the difficult circumstances surrounding relationship breakdown.

deed of release

Deed of Release – Does it cover all possible future claims?

It is essential that you receive legal advice when entering into a Deed of Release. Our Lawyers can ensure that the Deed and Recitals are properly drafted.

garnishee notice

Garnishee notices – What you need to know

A garnishee order is a simple way to enforce a judgment debt without incurring the additional expenses involved in bankruptcy proceedings.

divorce requirements

Divorce Requirements

When you are going through a life hurdle like a relationship breakdown, divorce or separation, it can be daunting and overwhelming. Understanding your legal rights and entitlements can be…

pay your staff correctly as you can be held personally liable

Pay your staff correctly as you can be held personally liable!

Directors take note, harsher penalties for breaches of your duties and responsibilities could leave you with your tail between your legs! If you are a director with employees, you can be held liable…

Possession and disposal of a deceased’s ashes

Possession and disposal of a deceased’s ashes

Disputes commonly arise between family members and friends regarding the disposal or possession of a loved one’s remains.

Specialist Accredited Family Lawyers

Antunes Lawyers are excited to introduce 3 family lawyers to our growing practice, Tony Iuliano as Head of Department, Victoria Rozehnal and Geraldine Friend-Ngui.

Insolvent Estate

Dealing with the liabilities of the estate – Insolvent estate

When a person dies without a will, the law dictates who the beneficiaries are. A recent NSW case had to decide what happens when a deceased with no will has multiple legal "spouses" at their date of…