A productive workplace relies on employees feeling appreciated for their efforts and a good employment contract can make sure that employees are rewarded fairly for their hard work. Antunes Lawyers can review and prepare employment contracts to make sure everyone gets a fair deal.

When taking on a new role, it’s easy to get caught up and sign an employment contract without a second thought. Getting an expert to review or draft your employment contract is essential to guarantee that before you start working you can begin with a solid foundation.

Our lawyers can make the task of signing an employment contract an easy and safe choice for any employee, and help employers prepare contracts that comply with Australian laws and standards.

We have prepared employment contracts for employers to use for all types of staff members, including executive-level employees, management, and casual staff. We can also assist new employees in negotiating their contracts and inform them about their ongoing obligations to confidentiality and intellectual property.

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When issues occur in the workplace, a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer can make all the difference.  

Your workplace can often become a second home, and feeling safe, appreciated, and respected in that environment can make all the difference in your daily quality of life. When issues in the workplace happen, things can quickly escalate and become difficult to manage on your own.

Our lawyers can lend their expertise and address workplace and employment-related issues before they become a bigger, and more expensive problem. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with all aspects of Employment and Workplace Relations. 

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