If you or someone close to you needs a criminal Lawyer and first class legal representation, choose lawyers who lead towards optimised outcomes.

Any kind of criminal matter can be incredibly stressful, whatever the charge and whatever the truth, so Antunes specialises in making your journey as smooth as possible.

Criminal cases are often a daunting experience for everyone involved, or even just close to it. From lower-level charges like traffic offences, to serious crimes like sexual assault, the legal system can seem stacked against you unless an experienced criminal lawyer has your back.

At Antunes Lawyers, being able to help you in any area of law is a point of pride, so our commitment to delivering fully informed, highly efficient legal services extends into any kind of criminal matter. You get leading-edge legal advice across the board, because we do our homework.

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Everyone deserves determined criminal representation 

From minor summary offences at local court level to serious district and state court matters, underpinning everything we do at Antunes Lawyers is an unwavering commitment to give every single client the same determined representation – regardless of circumstances or finances.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re appealing a traffic offence or you’re accused of something much more serious, when you engage Antunes Lawyers you’re guaranteed to get top shelf legal advice, whatever your background or bank balance.

Antunes Lawyers: Recent criminal case portfolio

  • Traffic Offences
  • Assault & Battery
  • Intimidation
  • Sexual assualt
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