The Australian Copyright Act 1968 grants a large number of exclusivity rights to creators of content, and that protection is free and automatic. A specialist IP lawyer will show you how it all works.

Copyright protects particular expressions of ideas, rather than ideas themselves, in literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work. To understand what to do next with your work, ask Antunes.   

If you’ve produced written content, dramatic works, music or art, for business or pleasure, you automatically have copyright protection under Australian law, giving you the exclusive right to reproduce, publish, perform, communicate or make an adaptation of that work in public.

The key to making copyright work for you is understanding those rights fully, knowing how to check if your rights are being infringed, and knowing what to do next if you need to enforce an infringement through the Courts. Antunes is a specialist IP practice, and we’re here to help.

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Understanding your rights under The Australian Copyright Act 1968 is essential, especially in a business context or when the copyrighted work is designed to generate income for you, because the day could come where another person or entity infringes those rights and you need to act.

You might need a Court ordered injunction, to stop further ongoing infringements. You might need to claim for damages based on loss of profits, or additional damages for other financial loss or disbenefit as a result of the infringement. And when those times arise, you’ll need Antunes.

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Leading-edge IP protection is about knowing all the angles. 

Your Intellectual Property is an incredibly valuable business asset, in fact for many businesses the very foundation of their commercial success is tied to the proper protection of the business idea, concept, or innovation that drives turnover. You just need to know how and where to protect it.

Advertising, branding and marketing. Copyright, licensing, patents and trademarks. Enforcing infringements and defending rights in the Federal Court. Whatever area of IP protection best suits your business, we’ll help make it happen in the most effective, efficient way.

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