Either party to a marriage can apply for a divorce after they have been separated for 12 months. 

The divorce process is separate to the property settlement process. You do not need to be divorced before you can achieve a property settlement and vice versa. 

Divorce means the parties are no longer married. Divorce is not a property order and does not finalise a property settlement between the parties. A divorce does not deal with issues relating to child custody and parenting arrangements. If you have joint property with your former spouse you need to agree on how it is to be divided or go to Court to have a judge decide.

Our experienced team of family lawyers assist clients navigate through the divorce and separation process, and ensure all matters relating to the separation have been carefully considered and dealt with. Our family lawyers understand the process of divorce and separation can be daunting, emotional and very stressful for those involved, and work with you through each stage of the process to achieve the best possible outcome so you can get on with your new life.