If your property falls under a Strata agreement which governs common areas or property, make sure the legal advice you choose has proven expertise.

The negative stigma around Strata organisations is understandable, because it can be an incredibly complicated, frustrating area of law – so Antunes specialises in making it simple.  

If you own property like an apartment or unit that shares common areas and is governed by a Strata organisation, the chances you are you’ve already worked out how emotionally charged and time-consuming having dealings with them can be.

Whether the problem is a lift not working, maintenance not being done, noisy or disruptive neighbours, exorbitant or incorrect fees and financial contributions, the first step in legally addressing any Stata issue should be engaging an expert lawyer who knows how they operate.

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There’s always a solution with Stratas, you just need to know where to look.

The key to the right legal solution when you’re dealing with Strata organisations is to seek advice from a specialist lawyer who fully understands not only the legislation, but also the nuances of how Stratas conduct themselves – often driven by overbearing personalities with personal agendas.

Antunes Lawyers has been looking after our clients and delivering successful outcomes in matters relating to Stratas of all shapes, sizes and personalities for decades. Which means you have the peace of mind knowing that we’ve seen it all before, and we know exactly what to do next.

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