Many more city dwellers are now living in apartments. Apartments have their benefits, but also can come with a whole host of issues. There can be problems with the Owners Corporation and/or the Managing Agent, such as not functioning well or it could be picking on certain owners for various matters. It may be that essential repair work to the Common Property is not being done or that tenanted units are noisy or disruptive. Then there are the concerns associated with living in close proximity to other people who do not always share your lifestyle priorities.

Issues of financial ‘contribution’ to works across more than one strata plan that shares facilities in a fair and equitable manner can be complicated, especially where the relevant committee is “dominated” by individuals with overbearing personalities and agendas. Our knowledge of strata laws as they relate to management and decision making regarding the affairs of the Owner’s Corporation or executive committee will assist you to navigate a solution or take action to bring the relevant parties to account.

Our team of experienced lawyers have dealt with all of these issues over many years. There are solutions. We are experienced with negotiating with other parties in the first instance, but if that does not work out, then we have reliable strategies, including applications to the Strata Disputes Division of NCAT.

If you have an issue that you are unable to resolve, consult our team and we can show you how things can move forward for the better.

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