Dedicated to ensuring our older people are guaranteed dignity, choice and freedom in their later years, through diligent service, leading edge legal expertise, and true compassion.

Making sure things happen the right way in an Aged Care case is an emotional, high-pressure experience, so Antunes specialises in removing your worry and doing all the hard work.

There are a lot of legal considerations when you or your loved ones reach their older years. Future finance planning. Funding and obligations in personal care arrangements. Hospital and clinical authorisations. And there’s not just the legals to worry about, there’s a lot of pressure, too.

At Antunes Lawyers, we take a huge pride in being a true legal specialist across the Aged Care landscape. So, if you or a loved one are in need of legal guidance in Aged Care, with Antunes you’ll have the peace of mind that comes when you have real experts on your side.

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When it comes to legal services in Aged Care, ask Antunes.  

The Aged Care Quality Standards are set to ensure Australian provider services meet standards that protect your dignity, choice and freedom across personal and clinical care into the future. So, the key to securing the best outcome is complete understanding of who is obliged to do what.

Maintenance and cleanliness. Feedback and complaints. Human resources. Centrelink correspondence. Organisational governance. Finances and health care provision. With Antunes on your team, you can relax knowing our suite of expert Aged Care legal services has you covered.

When it comes to Aged Care law, Antunes is all you need.

  • Care home residency
  • Personal finances
  • Health & clinical care
  • Assessments & reporting
  • Maintenance matters
  • Complaints & feedback
  • Governance & legals
  • Centrelink correspondence
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