The Australian sporting sector has a regulatory framework which requires careful consideration of numerous commercial and legal implications, long before any action on the field.

Whatever sporting code is your business or passion, play safe and get a legal expert on your team to ensure your organisation stays on the right side of legislation.    

The legal framework which governs Australian sport is extensive, encompassing a huge range of associated elements, from the community driven safety and public liability laws, to the commercially inspired legislation designed to protect sporting brands and deter illegal gambling.

The fact is, there’s a lot of law in serious sport, with a lot to lose in the pursuit of winning if you start playing without the right legal minds on your team. So, unless you’re as good at practicing law as you are at playing your beloved sport of choice, reach out to sports law professionals like Antunes.

Find out how Australia’s sports law affects your code.

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We’ll ensure your sports club is compliant, so you can concentrate on winning.

After decades of practice, the Antunes sports law team has finely tuned expertise spanning the entire sporting arena. From starting gun to final whistle, we’re very proud of the skillset we’ve developed to help execute every play that’s required to reach your goals.

Franchise transactions. Employment and sponsorship negotiations. Licensing agreements. Brand, trademark and copyright protection. Commercial and player contracts. Dispute resolution. The Antunes Lawyers sports team expertise reaches every corner.

Wherever you need help on the field with sports law, Antunes has your back.

  • Franchise transactions
  • Employment contracts
  • Sponsorship negotiations
  • Licencing agreements
  • Brand & IP Protection
  • Infringement enforcement
  • Commercial contracts
  • Dispute resolution
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