Privacy, cybersecurity and data protection concerns are increasingly important to all businesses in Australia. It is important to ensure best practices, business and commercial contracts establish the process and safeguarding of information, within the complex and evolving set of data protection and privacy laws in Australia.

All businesses are increasingly demanding information security, and such demands have been met by legislative measures. Changes in legislation such as the changes to privacy laws and the Commonwealth Government’s data breach notification legislation are aimed at responding to increasing demands, and business technological advancements.

When a business collects personal information relating to individuals, it needs to be mindful of Australia’s privacy principles. A business privacy policy and privacy statement must cover essential elements to avoid complaints, and liability stemming from the misuse of personal information, and in order to satisfy legislative requirements.

Cyber security is one of the key risks faced by Australian businesses, requiring businesses to develop cyber protection and resilience practices and procedures, and have a better understanding of regulatory and legal obligations in relation to collecting and managing information. Businesses caught in cybercrime are faced with the challenge of significant business disruption, and forced to take measures to recover the damage caused to the business. At times, certain cybercrimes such as Business Email Compromise Scams cause irrecoverable losses to the business. For this reason it is important to implement business strategy which identifies privacy and security risk management. Speak with one of our team members to avoid being faced with the complexities associated with privacy, cyber security and data protection concerns which could impact sensitive personal and business data, and to ensure ongoing legal compliance.

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