Handing over control of the family business to the next generation is a big moment, which can be overwhelming and challenging unless you have experts like Antunes looking after things for you.

Wherever you’re passing your business onto – family, business partner, or outsider – specialist succession planning will ensure every last detail is delivered just the way you want it.

Handing over the power to lead and control the family business to the next generation, to a business partner, or in a purchase agreement, can be an overwhelming and challenging task, but it’s an essential aspect of business strategy that deserves your undivided attention.

The key to a truly satisfactory outcome in business succession is the development of a framework which deftly balances the competing needs of everyone involved and the best interests of the business itself. And to achieve that skilful balance, lookout for specialist legal assistance.

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Ensure your business succession plan delivers for your loved ones.

Whether you’re keeping control in the family by empowering the next generation, or you’re passing the power to a business partner or purchaser, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to ensuring an optimised outcome for everyone involved in your succession plan.

What are the goals for your business succession plan? What are the operational and management demands of the business? What are the potential risks and exit options? With Antunes Lawyers helping you build your business succession plan, you’ll have all the answers you need to succeed.

For a seamless business succession, engage the Antunes expertise.

  • Identifying succession goals
  • Determining business demands
  • Planning business succession
  • Negotiating ‘Buy Sell’ agreements
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