Whether you’re in business as a sole trader, a trust, or a company, it’s a smart move to engage legal experts for help building the right structure that delivers optimised return on investment.

With Antunes Lawyers by your side in business, we’ll help ensure the trading structure you choose fits the goals you want to achieve like a glove.

The structure you choose to operate your organisation is just as crucial as the strategy you choose to deliver your core products and services. By carefully matching the right operational structure to suit the way you do business, you’ll be avoiding inconvenient, expensive tax issues in the future.

From simple sole trader and company set-ups, to complex JVs, partnerships and enterprise investment activity, the Antunes Lawyers Corporate & Commercial team works by your side to ensure the business and investment structure you choose is the perfect platform for success.

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With the right business structure, comes reduced risk and optimised ROI.

The structure of your business has a direct impact on the personal exposure and liability of all individuals involved, from executive directors to silent investors. So you need to know what option works better for your business in terms of tax implications, financial reporting and operational costs.

At Antunes, we make it our business to know every single structural option inside-out, so you don’t have to. Our legal experts help businesses of all sizes set up customised structural solutions that ensure you don’t make any mistakes and avoid any expensive financial pitfalls.

Business and investment structure expertise, at your service.

  • Sole traders: By yourself? We’re by your side.
  • Limited companies: With smart structure, the sky’s the limit.
  • Commercial Trusts: Trusts are a great way to grow business.
  • Joint Ventures: Make sure your best interests are locked-in.
  • Partnerships: Contract details have never mattered more.
  • Tax strategy: Top-shelf compliance & financial efficiency.
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