Disputes between families, particularly those involving children, are highly sensitive and emotional matters. The impact of separation and parental conflict on children is well documented, and involves a significant adjustment in the lives of the children. We can assist you in resolving a parenting dispute as quickly as possible to minimise any negative impacts on the children and ensuring that their best interests are upheld.  

Our team of expert family lawyers can assist you across the full range of issues that can arise in parenting disputes, including:

  • Who your child lives with, and where;
  • Who your child spends time with, for what length of time and on what basis;
  • Who has parental responsibility; 
  • Where your child will attend school;
  • Christmas, birthdays, holidays and overseas travel arrangements

Some parenting matters require urgent intervention, including those where there is a risk of harm to the children such as family violence and abuse. We are experienced in filing urgent recovery order applications and seeking supervised time for a parent who poses a risk to the children such as mental health or drug abuse concerns. We can also act in cases where there has been a breach of existing court orders that requires enforcement, or a contravention application in relation to the breach. 

We take a collaborative and holistic approach to all our cases, and will frequently refer our clients to other professionals and resources to address the array of non-legal issues that accompany the legal dispute. If parents are able to agree to a parenting arrangement which is in the best interests of the children, parties can enter into a parenting plan, or formalise the agreement by way of consent orders that are filed with the Court. 

Each family is different, and we recognise that no two cases or clients are the same. We tailor our approach to address the issues unique to your case to achieve the best outcome for you and your children. Our team of experienced family lawyers have extensive experience in all matters of parenting arrangements, from pre-court negotiations and settlements exploring alternative dispute resolution opportunities to a final hearing in the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court. 

Contact Antunes Lawyers for advice and guidance in finalising parenting arrangements for your family after separation.