Online privacy, cybersecurity and data protection is now a mainstream concern affecting most, if not all, businesses. To ensure your business is fully protected and compliant, engage an expert.

Every year online privacy, cybersecurity and data protection become bigger threats that are harder to contain. For complete protection and legal compliance, you’ll need specialist help.  

Engaging IT security experts to protect your business from cyber threats is just the start of ensuring you’re properly equipped for today’s online world. Because as the demand for security increases and technology advances, legislation evolves and it’s easy to get left behind, exposing you to risk.

It’s important to remember that certain cybercrimes go way beyond causing inconvenience and unwelcome costs – attacks like Business Email Compromise Scams can cause your business irrecoverable losses – so Antunes specialises in providing top shelf legal protection.

Find out how to fully protect against cybercrime.

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Leading-edge cybersecurity requires leading-edge legal knowhow.

From the moment your business performs even the simplest function of modern commerce, like obtaining and storing your customers’ personal details online, you are governed by highly organic laws, and you’re vulnerable to ever more intelligent malicious technology.

Antunes Lawyers are specialists in the legal detail that surrounds the online business world, and we take pride in being perfectly placed to ensure you’re fully protected and completely compliant in any venture that involves cybersecurity risks and liabilities.

With Antunes by your side, your cyber activities are in very safe hands.

  • Privacy & liability policies
  • Secure practices & procedures
  • Data management obligations
  • Security risk strategies
  • Constant legal compliance
  • Dealing with cyber disruption
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