From criminal matters and defamation, to mediation, tenancy and trust disputes, the Antunes Lawyers team has specialist dispute and litigation skills to bring home the best possible result.

Your first step in a dispute should be professionally coordinated mediation. And if that fails, litigation may be second. Choose Antunes Lawyers for your best chance to succeed.    

If you’re involved in a dispute, the very first legal advice you receive should be exploring possibilities for a swift, simple, inexpensive resolution via negotiation or mediation process managed by professionals. You’d be surprised how many disputes can be resolved with such little fuss.

But sometimes, litigation is the only pathway to get the right result in a dispute, so the legal help you choose needs sharpened expertise at every step in the process. From skilled alternate dispute resolution mediators to tenacious court lawyers, make your next move with Antunes.

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Whatever is at the heart of your disputed matter, without a legal specialist by your side there’s a possibility you’ll miss your moment to secure the best result. Because sometimes the solution that works best for you can only be seen with a skilled pair of eyes.

From strata, tenancy and trust disputes, to defamation litigation and serious criminal matters, the Antunes Lawyers team has decades of combined specialist expertise at your service – which means that from start to finish, you’ll know what to do next.

Practical, ethical, realistic advice in every aspect of Disputes & Litigation, skilfully assessing the strength of your chances of success.

  • Commissions & enquiries
  • Consumer claims
  • Building & construction disputes
  • Criminal matters
  • Defamation
  • Strata disputes
  • Tenancy disputes
  • Trust disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Environment and planning law
  • Employment, director & shareholder disputes
  • Insolvency & debt litigation
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