Where a Landlord or Tenancy dispute arises, you need an experienced team to assist you navigate through the rules, laws and relevant issues to ensure a positive favourable outcome is achieved.

Our team has assisted many tenants and landlords in residential leasing related disputes, including disputes relating to the return of bond money, mould affecting the property resulting in mould toxicity, damage to property, payment of rent, disputes with the Owners Corporation, issues with neighbours, along with breaches of residential tenancy agreements and the Residential Tenancy Act 2010 (NSW).

We have appeared for Landlords and Tenants in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, and handled large disputes in Local and the NSW District Court. We aim to explore dispute resolution options to save time and costs.

Our team can assist you in assessing your claim to determine whether it is commercially viable to pursue litigation. We can help you to explore alternative options to resolve the dispute or make the challenging decision of accepting circumstances and putting protective measures in place to ensure you are not caught in the same situation ever again.

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