It doesn’t matter if you’re a landlord or tenant, you deserve legal representation from a specialist lawyer who understands how to navigate the complex legislation.

The laws, legislation and ongoing issues surrounding tenancy are complicated. Fortunately, expert tenancy lawyers like Antunes are here to help.

Landlord or tenant, there’s only one way to make sure you get the best possible outcome in a tenancy dispute – and that’s to enlist the assistance of a specialist who knows their way innately around the legislation and the current legal landscape.

Whether it’s a financial dispute relating to bond or payment of rent, a dispute between tenants, a safety or maintenance matter, a dispute about damage or breach of agreement – the Antunes team has decades of experience resolving these issues for our clients, through mediation and in court.

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True tenancy expertise, proven on every legal stage

Tenancy law has been a specialised focus at Antunes Lawyers for years, and over that time we’ve had the pleasure of achieving successful outcomes for landlords and tenants alike in negotiations and mediations, civil and administrative tribunals, and in local and district court.

By taking the time to examine every single option you have available, we’re able to give you the very best advice for the immediate matter at hand. Plus at Antunes we also examine your longer term outlook, giving advice to help ensure you avoid any more difficult situations in the future.

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