From parenting, maintenance and property settlements, to surrogacy, adoption, de facto and same sex relationships, Antunes Lawyers has all the Family Law expertise you’ll need.

Whatever area of Family Law you need help with, there are specialist, passionate lawyers at Antunes with the right skills to bring home the very best result for you and your loved ones.

From finely tuned negotiation expertise during initial mediation, to highly complex court matters and lifelong contractual and financial agreements, if you don’t have professional help by your side at every single stage of the process, there’s a big chance you’ll regret it.

Family Law has been a specialist passion at Antunes for decades, and we know that making sure you get the right result at the end is only half the story. Because in addition to legal acumen you need compassion, from a true professional who understands the sensitivities behind the scenes.

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Family Law is a huge legal arena with many constantly moving parts. To ensure you get the best outcome in any scenario, we make it our business to stay at the forefront of every aspect of Family Law – so there’s never any surprises and always the best possible chance of success.

Separation and divorce proceedings. Parenting disputes and property settlements. De facto and same sex relationships. Child support and maintenance. Surrogacy and adoption. International negotiations and agreements. Antunes Lawyers are a wealth of expertise

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If you are considering travelling overseas with children involved in a separation, you will need to get written consent from your former partner. This is especially the case where you are in family…

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Who is a parent?

It is important to know who is legally considered the parent of your child, as this determines who has parental responsibility and who can make major long-term decisions for the child. If you are…

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