Many working Australians are covered by a national award or registered agreement that are industry or occupation-based. All working Australians are entitled to be treated fairly with respect to the relevant requirements and standards set by the Fair Work Act 2009 and the National Employment Standards (NES). These awards set out the minimum terms and conditions of employment in conjunction with the National Employment Standards (NES). Modern awards provide entitlements and provisions such as rates of pay, hours of work, rostering, allowances, penalty rate and overtime. Our experienced employment lawyers can ensure that you, as an employee, are receiving the correct wage rate and entitlements that are relevant to your occupation, as covered by a modern award.

Our employment lawyers also work with employers and business owners to ensure their employment conditions are compliant with the legislation and regulations. It is important that the employment of staff in any business is compliant with the National Employment Standards and the entitlements provided for in the relevant modern award applicable to each individual staff member (if any), in order to prevent costly industrial disputes and claims by employees.

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