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An intellectual property right is a valuable business asset. It can be sold or licensed to third parties in exchange for a fee or a share or profits, but in order to do so, the intellectual property needs to be identified, which can be achieved usually through registration.

The commercial success of any business is founded on ensuring the intellectual property rights which subsist in the business are protected. Business ideas and concepts, which are highly valuable to any organisation, require the proper protection before the business is to consider the commercialisation of these ideas and concepts.

Today more than ever your Intellectual Property rights and dealings need careful and proper attention to ensure that a very important asset is not compromised or lost.

Our experienced IP team has assisted businesses with brand development and commercialisation, as well as enforcing and defending IP rights through Federal Court litigation.

We have advised clients on the registration process, intellectual property policy and the importance of non-disclosure agreements to ensure the maximum amount of protection available to the business concept or idea is achieved.

Through our experience in understanding the processes to protect intellectual property, our team works with business owners, and large organisations to understand their intellectual property needs, and we provide strategic advice to implement protective measures.

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