From brands, marketing and copyright, to IP licensing, patents and trademarks, the Antunes Lawyers expertise spans every aspect of Intellectual Property, ready to protect you.    

Whatever business you’re in, in today’s connected age it’s more imperative than ever to carefully protect your Intellectual Property. And the safest way to do that, is talk to Antunes.  

With the advent of the internet, social media and bad online actors, it’s never been easier to steal your ideas or your assets and immediately start profiting from them. Whether it’s an invention or a concept or graphic art or a word, you need the right protection applied in the right way.

The specialist Intellectual Property team at Antunes is laser focussed on staying in close touch with the latest innovations in communications technology and related legislation, to ensure we stay in a position to offer you more comprehensive, more informed, more effective IP legal services.

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Leading-edge IP protection is about knowing all the angles. 

Your Intellectual Property is an incredibly valuable business asset, in fact for many businesses the very foundation of their commercial success is tied to the proper protection of the business idea, concept, or innovation that drives turnover. You just need to know how and where to protect it.

Advertising, branding and marketing. Copyright, licensing, patents and trademarks. Enforcing infringements and defending rights in the Federal Court. Whatever area of IP protection best suits your business, we’ll help make it happen in the most effective, efficient way.

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Why you should register your trade mark

By registering your trade mark, you are guaranteeing your right to exclusively use your trade mark for your goods and services in the classes that you have registered it under. It removes the…

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Use it or Lose it: How to Remove a Trademark for Non-Use

Registered trademarks can be removed for non-use in the absence of a good faith intention of the trademark owner to use the trademark or a failure by the registered owner to use the trademark during…

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Is Social Media Content Copyrighted?

Social media and sharing content online is a large part of our society, but is it legal to share content from other users without permission?

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