If you’re in the business of Residential Lending, you need a fast and accurate response framework, airtight loan and security documentation, and effective enforcement of defaults.

Residential Lending is a risky business unless you have the right moving parts in place to properly meet your obligations and protect your bottom line. Antunes is here to help.

To ensure your Residential Lending business is very profitable while remaining completely compliant with your obligations under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act, you need specialist expertise by your side to help deliver consistent excellence in your documentation and execution.

The smartest way to ensure the legal structure behind your business will protect you, in every corner of the industry, is to engage a specialist lawyer with a specific Residential Lending skillset. And that’s where Antunes comes in, Residential Lending experts, at your service.

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Antunes offers the full suite of Residential Lending legal services.

  • National Consumer Credit Protection Act
  • Reviewing & preparing tailored docs
  • Effective enforcement of defaults
  • One-stop legal shop
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From loan documentation to enforcement of defaults, ask Antunes.

To make sure your Residential Lending business is finely tuned to succeed in such a heavily regulated space, your legal framework needs to be finely tuned, too. And to achieve that you need an expert in Residential Lending law who knows how to future-proof your organisation.

Reviewing your existing residential loan and security documents. Preparation of new, tailored documents that protect your business better. Giving you a ‘one stop shop’ for the creation and management of any legal docs, with a 24 hour turnaround. Antunes is here for you.

Antunes offers the full suite of Residential Lending legal services.

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