From commercial contracts, business acquisition and succession planning, to franchising, disputes and brand protection, Antunes has your back across the corporate and commercial world.  

The corporate and commercial landscape has never been more complex, with so many moving parts. To ensure your business goes well, engage Antunes Lawyers to help navigate.  

Wherever your organisation sits in the corporate and commercial world, from the oldest, most established going concerns, to the latest, edgiest innovation preparing to make waves across the planet, you need a law firm by your side which keeps across every single piece of relevant legislation.

Because it doesn’t matter how brilliant your business performs in delivering core products and services, if you don’t have specialist corporate and commercial lawyers like Antunes guiding you through governance and compliance requirements, unwelcome surprises will be waiting.

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Ensuring your business has the agility to compete effectively in the corporate and commercial world is all about the legal expertise you choose to help navigate the path to your objectives. Because for true success you need more than people who know the rules – you need people who genuinely care.

From the more traditional legal areas of expertise like corporate governance, commercial contracts and competition regulation, to leading edge specialisation in new technology spaces like cyber security and crypto currency, Antunes Lawyers are experts who take personal pride in your success.

  • Commercial contracts
  • Acquisitions & Sales
  • Tax-effective restructuring
  • Succession planning
  • Franchising expertise
  • Trading legislation
  • Brand protection
  • Privacy & security
  • Commercial disputes
  • Employment law
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By registering your trade mark, you are guaranteeing your right to exclusively use your trade mark for your goods and services in the classes that you have registered it under. It removes the…

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When leaving your job to start your own business, there are certain things to consider if your new business is in the same field or industry as your former employer.

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Deferring Tax On Shares Acquired Under An Employee Share Scheme

If you acquire an interest under an employee share scheme (ESS), you will be taxed (at your marginal rate of tax) on any ‘discount’ you receive at that time, unless you qualify to defer the taxing…

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