With the emotion which often comes with a move into a Retirement Village, crucial details can be missed and contracts can confuse. Having expert legal knowhow by your side is a huge help.

Our increasing elder population means more of our older loved ones are in Retirement Villages. But there’s liability in the legalities if you don’t know the law, so ask Antunes.

Moving into a Retirement Village is rarely an easy decision. Instead, getting to the decision-making point is an often an emotional rollercoaster that distresses and drains everyone closely involved. So, whether you’re the new resident, or you’re a concerned loved one, it’s easy to miss something.

New residents often don’t realise they’re not purchasing the freehold or strata, but instead find out too late they’ve just got a long-term lease. Entitlements to care facilities at the Retirement Village are often unclear, and there can be nasty surprises in contracts. But not with Antunes by your side.

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As the number of Retirement Villages, Villas and Units grows steadily in line with our increasing older population, there are more customers, more service providers, more variations in operational methods, and more potentially serious legal potholes to look out for.

What’s the nature of the contract, what are you actually paying for and on what terms? Are the care facilities included in the contract, or provided separately at extra cost? What happens if you die or want to leave? To get all the big questions answered properly, get Antunes on your side.

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