From probate and estate administration, to challenging wills, aged care and elder abuse, Antunes Lawyers has the right legal skills to guide, care and deliver great outcomes with a human touch.

If you need help in Wills and Estates, rest assured that Antunes Lawyers has the expertise and the compassion to make sure the right result is achieved, as fast and smoothly as possible.  

There’s more to the Wills and Estates area of law than meets the eye. Because it’s not just about who you leave money and things to, Wills and Estates legal framework enables you to plan the future and care for loved ones with tailored strategy around legal, financial and medical matters.

For decades Antunes has been helping people from all walks of life navigate the complex legal paths around wills, powers of attorney, guardianships, aged care and estate planning. Which means that when you engage us, you know you have an expert by your side, with a finely tuned human touch.

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In Wills & Estates, there’s no room for mistakes. 

There are few areas of law that are so sensitive and impactful than Wills and Estates, so when you choose the right people to help in your matter it pays to make sure they can prove they know what they’re doing. Because when it comes to Wills and Estates, there’s no room for mistakes.

Challenging wills. Power of attorney. Guardianships. Probate and estate administration. Aged care. Retirement villages. Elder abuse. Wherever you need help in Wills and Estates, Antunes Lawyers has a first-class legal specialist on hand to help make sure things go the way you need them to.

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How do I get a copy of someone’s will?

A beneficiary named in a will does not automatically receive a copy of the will of a deceased person. However, they have the right to request a copy be provided to them. Section 54 of the Succession…

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What happens to your Superannuation when you die?

Many people are not aware that proceeds held within a superannuation fund do not automatically form part of their estate when they pass away. It is important to be mindful of how super is dealt with…

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Does Your Company Need a Power of Attorney?

Have you ever considered what would happen to your company if you lost your capacity to make decisions? Even if you have a personal Enduring Power of Attorney in place, it doesn’t give rights to your…

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