If you’re a borrower or a lender, it’s critical that loan security agreements and documentation are carefully prepared to make sure your interests are fully protected.

Lenders need to know that your loan security arrangement is well documented and enforceable. Borrowers need full sight of the consequences if you default. For expert help, ask Antunes.        

If you’re a lender, Antunes specialist lawyers help you formulate and strategize the type of loan security you need to obtain, and we ensure your loan security agreements are flawlessly documented and easily enforceable should the need arise.

If you’re a borrower, we make sure you have full understanding of the consequences of default – and what can trigger a default – in the loan security agreements being offered by your lender. We’ll comprehensively review any offers and, if there’s scope to negotiate, we can help you there, too.

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  • Security Interest Registration
  • Mortgage Documentation
  • Inter-creditor deeds
  • Loan Security Enforcement
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Lenders and borrowers are both better off with Antunes.

For lenders and borrowers both, Antunes offers an extensive suite of specialist services to ensure your agreements are airtight and have all your best interests locked in. Our finely tuned skillset takes care of reviewing, drafting, negotiating, and advising on relevant governing Acts.

The peace of mind knowing that a specialist loan security lawyer has your back makes a big difference to the experience of lending, freeing your mind from worry or uncertainty, so you can focus on the bigger picture of what needs to happen next for your business.

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