If you’re appointed as an Executor under a Will, or a loved one has died without leaving a Will, you’ll need the help of a skilled Probate & Estate Administration lawyer to move forward smoothly.

When it’s time for a loved one’s wishes to be carried out, there are a number of scenarios where you’ll need a Probate & Estate Administration lawyer. And if that’s the case, call Antunes.

 If a loved one dies and they appoint you an executor of their Will, or they haven’t left a Will and you’re involved in an application for Power of Attorney, Grants of Probate or Letters of Administration, you’re much better off engaging a specialist Probate & Estate Administration lawyer.

Legislation is long and complicated. Procedure is protracted and not user friendly. Personal emotions and family tensions can be super-charged. So, when it comes to Probate & Estate Administration, make sure you talk to Antunes – we’re here to help make things smoother and clearer.

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The last thing you need as an executor or associated party to a Will, is the stress, frustration and heartache that can be caused by delays as result of misunderstanding or missing something in the already-laborious application processes.

Grant of Probates in the Supreme Court. Letters of Administration. Wills without Executors. Deaths without Wills. Whatever Probate & Estate Administration you need help with, Antunes Lawyers specialise in ensuring a smooth experience and delivering the desired outcome.

A truly comprehensive suite of Probate & Estate Administration services.

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