Married or de facto. Amicable or hostile. In the red or the black. Whatever moving parts make up your property settlements, Antunes Lawyers has the keys to the best outcomes.

When it comes to property settlements at the end of a marriage or de facto relationship, it’s a smart move to make sure you have the right legal expertise by your side – right from the start.

In almost every scenario, the best possible property settlement at the end of a marriage or de facto relationship is one which is made by amicable agreement between the parties themselves, then ‘rubber stamped’ by your legal help in an Application for Consent Order or Financial Agreement.

If your settlement looks like it might be that simple, give us a call and we’ll show you the smartest route through the process. Alternatively, if the complexity of the matter or fundamental disagreements mean Family Court is the only way forward, we can guide you there too.

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Before you begin negotiations for property settlements…

…bear in mind that all assets and debts held by you and your former partner are taken into consideration. Items like cars, shares and even furniture can count towards a final settlement amount. To make sure you don’t get caught out, get advice from property settlement specialists.

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consent orders

What are Consent Orders and how can I apply for them?

There are risks to leaving any agreement on parenting or property arrangements undocumented. Consent orders protect both parties.

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family unit trust

Do you own property in a fixed unit trust? Are you receiving the benefit of the land tax threshold?

If you own property in a fixed unit trust, you may not be receiving the benefit of the land tax threshold in circumstances where Revenue NSW have assessed the trust as a “special trust”. Find more…

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Discrete property list

Is your matter eligible for the Discrete Property List – saving you time and money?

The Discrete Property list is for matters where the parties are seeking financial orders only. The aim of this list is to attempt to deal with matters in a cost-effective way and without lengthy…

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