Following separation parties to a marriage or de facto relationship must negotiate a fair and equitable property settlement with their former partner/spouse.

The process of reaching a successful property settlement must take into consideration all assets and debts owned by you and your former partner. This includes, but is not limited to taking into consideration the income of both parties, the financial resources, debts and physical assets such as real estate, cars, shares, furniture etc.

It is ideal if parties can agree on the settlement between themselves and then have a solicitor ‘make it official’ by drafting and submitting an Application for Consent Orders, or by way of a financial agreement. Our family law team can assist with this process including negotiating with the other party to reach an acceptable outcome for both parties.

If the parties cannot reach agreement for a final property settlement, our expert family lawyers can assist with filing an Application in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia or Family Court of Australia in order for a Judge to determine what is a fair and equitable settlement.

If you require assistance with your property settlement following separation from your partner/spouse, please call our office to speak to one of the members of our family law team.

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