Our experienced employment specialists can advise you on how best to maintain a productive and protected workplace in order to achieve success and stability for your business or organisation.

Your commercial objectives and performance can depend on the successful management of employment and industrial relations and an adherence to work health and safety legislation. If as an employer you are experiencing industry conflict or work-related issues with employees, it is important to seek legal advice and guidance on how to proceed. Lengthy disputes and court or tribunal involvement can be costly and damaging to your business.

To provide a proactive response to industrial disputes and conflict, our employment team can assist you to establish a resolution process that allows for open dialogue, mutual agreement and communication with employees and their industrial organisations, such as unions. Maintaining effective communication and a strong working relationship with employee organisations allows for greater awareness of issues and problems, whilst also ensures better results from the dispute resolution processes. Our lawyers can assist businesses on preparing and drafting employment contracts and work health and safety policies in order to ensure that the workplace is compliant with the Workplace Relations Act 1996, Fair Work Act 2009 and the Fair Work Regulations 2009, as well as providing advice and guidance in employment and industrial relations litigation.

As an employee, we can assist in reviewing your employment contract and if there are any unfair terms or breaches of this contract. We can review your working conditions to ensure that they are compliant with Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and review redundancies to determine their legitimacy. We help our clients achieve effective resolutions to industrial disputes.

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