There are various provisions under the Fair Work Act which regulate:

  • employment contracts
  • modern awards
  • workplace agreements

As the Fair Work Act can be complex, we have advised and helped many clients understand their rights and obligations under the Act, which they would otherwise find to be challenging.

If you have made or are considering making an application to Fair Work regarding an employment or workplace issue it is important to firstly seek legal advice as making the wrong application may prejudice your position. The Fair Work Commissioner must grant legal representation and in doing so will consider whether the complexity of the matter warrants legal representation.

If you are facing a Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) investigation, it is important you seek legal advice and representation as a FWO investigation will mean that your employment records and documents will be reviewed to consider as to whether you are complying with Fair Work legislation and regulations. Our experienced employment team can assist both employers and employees faced with Fair Work proceedings, whether it be conciliation conferences or hearings, and provide strategic advice on jurisdictional issues, and negotiate an outcome which best achieves our client’s objectives.

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