If you’re not married but would still like some clarity and confidence around finances in your relationship, Antunes Lawyers has been drafting Financial Agreements for decades.

From asset, property and liability ownership, to super, inheritance and child support, Financial Agreements cover every corner of relationship finances – informed legal advice is a must-have.

If you’re in a committed, long term relationship but not married, you and your partner can use a Binding Financial Agreement to give you certainty and peace of mind about what happens with any aspect of your financial life, in the event your relationship ends.

Whether you want to negotiate a new Financial Agreement, end one or challenge one, with a relationship finance expert from Antunes Lawyers by your side you’ll have the reassuring peace of mind knowing you’ll get the best possible outcome.

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How Antunes Lawyers can help you with Binding Financial Agreements

  • You want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Financial Agreements
  • You need help in negotiating, preparing and finalising a Financial Agreement
  • You want to discuss and get expert opinion on an existing Financial Agreement
  • You have issues with or want to commence legal action on an existing Financial Agreement

A Binding Financial Agreement can be a reassuring legal framework that lets you go forward in your relationship with true peace of mind… you just need to have the right legal help.

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