Living in apartments is becoming increasingly common in cities across Australia. It is a convenient and affordable option for many, but when you’re sharing a roof with strangers, issues are bound to happen. Seeking legal advice early on during a dispute is one of the best ways to avoid things getting ugly.

“Strata” has become a dirty word for many Australians. Antunes Lawyers can turn your strata into something great. Our lawyers can help give you more power over your property and set up rules to avoid disputes in the future.

When living within a strata plan, common complaints are that essential repairs to common property aren’t happening, strong personalities are dominating strata conversations, or that neighbours are being noisy and disruptive. If these issues are left unattended to fester, your dream apartment could turn into a living nightmare.

During a dispute, having an impartial lawyer to mediate and provide legal advice can help you to ‘love thy neighbour’ and resolve issues in the most effective way. Our strata experts can also set up by-laws (a contract between you and the owner’s corporation), that give you more say over your property and can establish policies to avoid future arguments.

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In Property Planning and Development, a great lawyer can make all the difference.

Owning and using land can quickly turn from an exciting and profitable venture, into an incredibly time-consuming, expensive, and stressful investment. Our lawyers know how to effectively navigate the many rules and regulations that govern land use in Australia so that you can save time and money in the long run.

Antunes Lawyers are experts in all things Property Planning and Development. If you’re seeking approval for building plans, dealing with construction companies, leasing your property, conveyancing, selling to developers, or entering a strata scheme, a great lawyer can make all the difference.

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