The Corporations Act 2001 defines insolvency as the inability of a company to pay their debts. If you are unsure about the legal status of your company, it’s time to seek advice from Antunes Lawyers.

We have experience assisting both directors and creditors through the process of insolvency – whether it’s defending claims of insolvent trading, seeking debt repayments, or winding up your company.

For directors, we can determine if your company is insolvent, inform you of your rights and obligations, discover whether you are personally liable, design an insolvency arrangement to wind up your company, and defend allegations of insolvent trading.

For creditors, we can prepare proof of debt, negotiate on your behalf, ensure that debt is recovered in a cost effective manner, and establish an automated debt recovery system to save you time and money long-term.

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Managing Bankruptcy, Insolvency, and Restructuring, is made simpler with the help of Antunes Lawyers.

Our team of lawyers has unique experience in dealing with bankruptcy, insolvency, and restructuring from all angles. We’ve assisted business owners, creditors, debtors, investors, buyers, sellers, and trustees alike.

Whether you need help applying for bankruptcy, annulling bankruptcies, recovering debts, navigating corporate insolvency, managing voidable transactions, or responding to director penalty notices, our expert lawyers can guide you every step of the way.

Whatever you need, we’ve got your back.

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