“An idea is of no value until it has been made into a commercial product or service.”

If the first step is protecting your intellectual property – the second step is commercialising and extracting value from that intellectual property.  This can be achieved by licensing your intellectual property to give others the right to use and exploit, but not own, your intellectual property.

Our specialist IP Lawyers understand a business’s commercial objectives when it comes to intellectual property, and adopt a thorough and comprehensive approach when advising clients on businesses’ intellectual property needs.

We combine our knowledge of commercial transactions, corporate processes and intellectual property law to ensure that your intellectual property is protected through binding and protective agreements, which preserve your competitive advantage and position in the market.

We achieve this by working closely with clients to understand their business and intellectual property assets to ensure their business’ preferences are met through the most appropriate form of licence.

We can assist by:

  • Providing advice on the commercialisation of your intellectual property assets as well as the intellectual property licencing and protections process (including licence conditions, royalties and restrictions);
  • Preparing licence of intellectual property deeds which provide you with control of your intellectual property;
  • Facilitating transfers of intellectual property in anticipating of intellectual property commercialisation;
  • Representing you in the event that there is unauthorised use of your intellectual property;
  • Enforcing a breach of your intellectual property by third parties who have knowledge of your intellectual property and business;
  • Helping you develop prevention methods in order to ensure that your intellectual property is not revealed to third parties.

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