Once you’ve protected your Intellectual Property, the next step is commercialising its value, and to do that properly you need a specialised lawyer to guide you through licensing IP.

Licensing your IP enables you to generate revenue by allowing others to use it, but not own it. To make sure it’s a smooth, lucrative process, engage an IP Licensing expert like Antunes.

If your commercial objectives involve making profit from your Intellectual Property, once it’s protected you need to implement an informed, binding IP licensing arrangement which comprehensively serves your competitive advantage.

Depending on the nature of your business there will be a number of ways you can approach the licensing of IP, so the most efficient method of finding the right path for you is engaging an expert IP lawyer like Antunes – we’ll make sure your set-up perfectly suits your objective.

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Advice, action and enforcement in every area of IP Licensing.

Licensing your IP effectively in readiness to commercialise it should be done with care and consideration, and with the advice of an IP legal professional who takes the time to understand the nuts, bolts and nuances behind your business before suggesting solutions.

From the initial professional advice and recommendations around how to licence your IP, through preparing deeds and facilitating IP transfers, to the development of protection methods and enforcement of any breaches – Antunes Lawyers are with you all the way

When it comes to IP Licensing, leave it to Antunes Lawyers.

  • Providing advice - Expert guidance on what to commercialise & how to do it.
  • Preparing Licences - When you’re ready to licence IP, we do the hard work.
  • IP Transfers - If you need IP transferred, we take care of it.
  • Prevention Measures - If there’s a way to make protect you more, we’ll find it
  • Enforcing Breaches - If there’s a breach of your rights, we act on your behalf.
  • Representing You - We’ve got your back in any legal interactions.
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Leading-edge IP protection is about knowing all the angles. 

Your Intellectual Property is an incredibly valuable business asset, in fact for many businesses the very foundation of their commercial success is tied to the proper protection of the business idea, concept, or innovation that drives turnover. You just need to know how and where to protect it.

Advertising, branding and marketing. Copyright, licensing, patents and trademarks. Enforcing infringements and defending rights in the Federal Court. Whatever area of IP protection best suits your business, we’ll help make it happen in the most effective, efficient way.

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