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Whether or not you’re in a de facto relationship as far as the law is concerned depends on a number of factors, so when it comes to financials, property, children and separation, it’s imperative you have the right legal help by your side.

And it doesn’t matter what your individual circumstances are, delivering a successful de facto legal outcome is about having a deep understanding of how the law applies across your daily life. At Antunes Lawyers, there’s nothing we don’t know about de facto.

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Things to think about in De Facto relationship law

  • How long has the relationship been ongoing?
  • Is there a child born from the relationship?
  • Has one made notable financial or non-financial contributions to the other’s property?
  • Does one of you financially support the other?
  • Are other people aware of your relationship?
  • Is the relationship registered with the relevant state or territory?
  • What is the degree of commitment to a shared life you each have?

Once your relationship is defined as De Facto, the law applies to property, parenting and financials in the exact same way as if you were married.

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