From residential, commercial and business lending and borrowing, to regulatory compliance and finance security, Antunes Lawyers helps you navigate the complexities and secure positive outcomes.

If you’re a lender or a borrower in Australia, ask Antunes Lawyers about our wealth of expertise in Banking & Financial Services – the right people with the right skills, on your side.

Whatever aspect of banking or financial services you need help with, whatever industry you operate in, there are specific complexities and intricacies in the legislation which can be to your benefit if you properly understand the nuances, or a big disadvantage if you don’t.

At Antunes we’ve been very proud over the years to have earned a renowned reputation for creativity and innovation in Banking & Financial Services, among lenders and borrowers across the country. Our expert banking and finance lawyers have your back, end to end.

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Of course, you should make sure that any lawyers you engage to help with Banking & Financial Services have the depth of knowledge of your industry to ensure they can lead you effortlessly through the process, from first contact to contract competition.

But expert assistance in Commercial & Business Lending, Regulatory Compliance, Residential Lending or Finance Security is about more than managing things on the day. At Antunes Lawyers, your financial future is our priority, so we’ve always got one eye on how today will affect your tomorrow.

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I am selling a property – what happens to my mortgage?

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Guaranteeing a loan? Make sure you are properly protected!

Are you guaranteeing a loan for someone else? Does the lender require a certificate from a lawyer? A guarantee is a promise. A person who guarantees a loan (i.e. the guarantor) accepts the…

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