Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are a form of digital currency which is revolutionising the way in which businesses and individuals interact and effect transactions across the world.

Our experienced commercial lawyers adopt a holistic approach to cryptocurrency combining our knowledge and expertise in corporate, commercial, taxation and intellectual property law to provide clients with comprehensive, client-orientated and commercial advice in the world of cryptocurrency.

We have the knowledge and experience to commercialise cryptocurrency bitcoin and blockchain technology and assist cryptocurrency company start-ups by:

  • Providing corporate assistance in cryptocurrency incorporations, start-ups, structures and restructures with regard to long-term financial sustainability;
  • Assisting you to understand your obligations in relation to the licencing of blockchain technology;
  • Managing the legal implementation and compliance of cryptocurrency technology within an Australian private company;
  • Preparing and reviewing essential transactional and company documents, and commercial contract, including shareholder agreements, market maker agreements and joint venture agreement;
  • Conducting legal risk analysis on project investments and evaluating foreseeable legal risks with respect to potential litigation;
  • Advising you of your Australian tax obligations with regards to cryptocurrency and how best to comply with these obligations;
  • Consulting with clients regarding any legislative or policy changes in relation to cryptocurrencies and distribution.

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