business covid-19 safe plan

Covid-19 has disrupted the Australian workforce and transformed the definition of work health and safety as we know it. It is imperative that businesses have a plan that ensures safe and virus-free workplaces. Importantly, you can develop safe work practices for your business by considering how you can reconfigure your operations to adapt to ongoing restrictions.

Prepare and Prevent 

Effective from 24 July 2020, your business must have a plan that sets out the preventative measures you have enforced in your workplace to protect your staff and customers from Covid-19. 

SafeWork NSW has uploaded an online planning tool that assists businesses with developing a safety plan that ensures that their enterprise: 

  • maintains exceptional hygiene and safety; 
  • enforces physical distancing of 1.5 metres; 
  • records the contact details of staff and customers; and 
  • prioritises staff well-being. 

Stay Informed 

As the pandemic constantly evolves, it is crucial that you keep yourself and your staff informed on the directions from the Department of Health about the latest restrictions, including physical distancing, record keeping and hygienic measures. 

We would recommend that you nominate a person or team in your workplace to undertake infection control by evaluating the work environment and ensuring risk compliance. 

As risk compliance will vary industry to industry, Safe Work Australia has advised that you read the following resources to understand your employer obligations, including:

Responsiveness is key 

Each individual business stakeholder has a part to play in workplace health and safety. Your business must consider the implementation of an employment policy and plan that outlines the preventative and control measures implemented to avoid and manage infections. 

Visit Safe Work Australia for advice on how to identify and control infection hazards and the notification and hygiene procedures. 

Plan ahead with Antunes Lawyers 

Non-compliance with implementing the Covid-19 safe plan may constitute a breach of Work Health and Safety legislation which may expose you and your business to risk of pecuniary penalties and reputational damage. 

Contact Antunes Lawyers on (02) 9964 0499 to advise on your Covid-19 safe plan and for assistance drafting employment policies that comply with your obligations under the recent NSW Government Ruling and Work Health and Safety legislation.