For some, paying rent has become burdensome due to the financial impact of COVID-19. Support packages have been made available for select individuals and families who meet certain eligibility criteria.

Residential Tenancy Support Package

In order to be eligible for the Residential Tenancy Support Package, you must be considered an ‘Impacted Tenant’. To be considered an Impacted Tenant, you must demonstrate that:

  1. rent paying members of your household (regardless of whether they are listed on the lease) have:
    1. lost employment, work hours or income due to the impact of COVID-19; or
    2. had to stop working because you or other members of your household (or in your care) are ill with COVID-19; and
  2. your household’s take-home weekly income has reduced by a minimum of 25% (including government assistance) compared to your position in the four weeks prior to 26 June 2021; and
  3. continue to pay at least 25% of the rent payable.

Should you meet the above criteria, you must consult your landlord or agent and provide evidence of the above. Evidence can be in the form of documents including, but not limited to, bank statements or pay slips that show the reduction in income, business financial statements, medical certificates, or a letter from the employer.

Once the landlord or agent confirms the agreement in writing, you will receive the following protections during the moratorium period commencing from 14 July 2021 to 11 November 2021:

  • sixty-day protection against eviction for rental arrears (excluding valid termination events such as sale of premises, damage, illegal use etc.);
  • financial support via rent reduction up to $3,000 per residential tenancy agreement without an obligation to repay;
  • protection against evictions for rental arrears accrued during the previous moratorium period between 15 April 2020 and 26 March 2021; and
  • protection from being listed on tenancy databases.

It should be noted that you may be evicted if the landlord has attempted to negotiate with you in good faith or you have failed to meet the agreed payment for two consecutive occasions.

Next Steps

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